Uncategorized What not to cook when your house is for sale Agent tells of clients who walk into homes that reeked of last night’s dinner and walk right back out. By Candy Sagon Special to The Washington Post   No broccoli. No cabbage. No fish, eggs, curry or stinky takeout. Absolutely no burned popcorn. And for heaven’s sake, no organ meats. Those were some of things we […]
Uncategorized The Top 10 Things to do to Prepare for an Appraisal I read this blog post from an appraiser I follow, Michael S. Bolton, and wanted to “reblog it”. I think these are great tips! How To Prepare for a Home Appraisal You’ve just signed all of the paperwork for your refinance, handed the loan officer the check for the appraisal, and now you’re wondering what […]
Uncategorized 11 must-knows about early mortgage payoff This is a reprint from the Inman News – but a very worthwhile read! ~ Georgia 11 must-knows about early mortgage payoff Seniors close to retirement can boost return on investment BY JACK GUTTENTAG, MONDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2011.   Q: Will I save money if I make my regular monthly payment early? A: No, paying early […]
Uncategorized Home Short Sales Rise in ‘Dramatic Shift’ From Bloomberg: U.S. home prices may get a boost from an unlikely source: a pickup in sales of properties in default before they reach the stage where they are repossessed by the bank and sold. There has been a “dramatic shift” in banks’ willingness to sell a property for less than the mortgage balance to […]
Uncategorized Home values and mortgage costs today compared to 2006   A $400,000 house today would have cost $642,650 in September of 2006, a difference of $242,650. A 30 year mortgage today is 4.13% and in September of 2006 it would have been 6.41%. The monthly payment today would be $1,939.76 and in September of  2006 it would have been $4,024.02, a difference of  $2,084.26 per […]
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